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SaberFactions is an exotic, performance optimized, and feature rich factions plugin that focuses on not only making the player experience as great as possibly but maintaining this aspect with the cost of NOTHING! We strive to continue development for SaberFactions as the factions community is strongly growing and seeking new players every day.

Some Exciting Features

Some of our features include the following

  • Factions Grace Period - Deny Raiding Between Factions Temporarily
  • Factions Alt System - Allow Alts To Join a Faction and AFK Spawners/Print in Sand While Your Players Enjoy The Raid!
  • Factions AntiSpam System - A suppressant system for “spam” command in factions.
  • More F Upgrades - Unbreakable Redstone Upgrade, Members Upgrade, and Power Upgrade.
  • Factions Corner - In the corner of a world? No Problem /f corner will claim your entire buffer for you!
  • Command Cooldowns - Configurable Command Cooldowns for most “spam” commands. And so Much More to Come!
  • Faction Points - A point based currency that can be used for any aspect of factions gameplay!
  • Faction Shop - A shop that essentially lets players buy in-game items in exchange for faction points!
  • Faction Discord Integration - A discord intergrated factions bot for each faction to have their own personalized discord bot within their faction!
  • Faction Audit - A full based logging system (GUI designed) to see every aspect of what happens in your faction!
  • Factions Check System - An automated check system that alerts players when to check walls/buffers!
  • Faction Reserves - A system designed to reserve a specific faction name for a specific player!

Dependency With Maven



Moving Forward

Moving forward we plan to take all suggestions into consideration, as they come from our community. We Plan on Releasing the latest and greatest factions/skyblock/prison plugins minecraft has to offer and wont settle for anything less


Have a problem, question, or concer? We encourage our community to join and express any inquiry you may have

Look forward to a bright future and a journey with all of you!

Sincerely, SaberLLC Support Team!